sei-side necklace - aqua tiffany & latte

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sei-side necklace - aqua tiffany & latte

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Aivan ihastuttava kuusikulmaisista tehty kaulakoru. Jokaisessa on kaksi eri väriä. Kaulakoru, joka näyttää todella hyvältä on on vielä käytännöllinenkin. Kaulakorun pituus on 80cm.  


A contemporary addition to the Jellystone range is our Sei-side Necklace. As the name suggests it has six sides and is available in 6 two-tone colour combinations. Each bead is a hexagon with a solid colour on one side and a contrasting colour on the other. It can look different every time you wear it depending on which way you face the beads. Fresh colours and a unique, on-trend design will ensure that this statement piece looks ‘bellissimo’ with any outfit.

Available in 6 colour combinations including 3 with our latest ‘marblestones’ look. Swirls of colour blended with white to create the illusion of marble.

Made from BPA free, phthalate free, non toxic silicone.

Length: 80cm


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