jCHEWS Smartphone - smokey black

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jCHEWS Smartphone - smokey black

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Purulelu älypuhelin. Ei katkenneita puheluita tai yllättäviä lisäkustannuksia puhelinlaskuihin. Saatavana viisi upeaa väriä. Puhelimen koko noin 11cmx10cmx0,8cm.

The real Smart Phone. For smart mums & smart babies. 100% BPA free silicone Smart Phone teethers that babies really want tosink their teeth into. We all know how much babies love nothing more than teething on mum & dad’s mobile phone. Jellystone Designs has created a safe and ideal solution where both parents and babies are happy. No dropped calls and no contracts required! Smart Phone jChews are soft on gums and ideal for teething babies. Available in 6 funky, bold colors (Scarlet Red, Hot Pink, Grassy Green,Canary Yellow, Smokey Black, Blueberry & Purple people eater). Size: approx 11cm x 10cm x 0.8cm.